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Hello, and welcome to my legal history blog! The purpose of this website is, most simply, to explore legal history topics of interest as they arise in the news, or as they come to mind, or merely based on serendipity. It also provides additional course materials related to my course on Famous Trials in U.S. History.

I believe that legal history, while often overlooked, is central to the study and understanding of our legal system– after all, precedent is the building block for our legal system, and what is precedent if not history? While the focus will be primarily on the history of law and how it relates to contemporary issues, part of it is intended to be devoted to emerging trends in the manner in which U.S. law is taught.

As a historian, I have a foundation to study how the law and its teaching has evolved; as director of a innovative blended learning Master of Laws program at Boston University, I have a unique opportunity to examine the future of legal developments and law teaching. Whatever your interest, I hope that you will find this legal history blog to be a worthwhile addition to the online universe. Thank you for stopping by!


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