A Long Time Coming…But Back in Print!

Hello, gentle readers!  My next blog post will be up in a week or two, but I wanted to mention my latest work. It is a bit surreal to me to mention it, really, since I completed this as a part of my doctoral thesis at McGill in 2003. Several years later I took it up again, began tweaking it, and it went through a lengthy external review and editing process, and following acceptance was in the publication queue for another two years. All this to say that it is a great joy to see it in print and in such good company, no less! I must also acknowledge that the kind folks at the Law and History Review were a joy with which to work. Regretfully, I had taken a few years off from publishing but this begins the process anew, with a book chapter due out next year and a few other projects in the pipeline. The subject, while not great fodder for cocktail conversation, deals with an aspect of 19th century criminal justice in Montreal, namely the legal response to infanticide. Combing through the judicial archives and period newspapers uncovered a great deal of information on these otherwise unknown cases, and I hope I had some interesting things to say about this heavily-gendered area of the law which also reflected one of my favorite themes, namely the intersection between law and custom. Montreal is also, I think, a particularly interesting jurisdiction to study, straddling as it does linguistic, juridical, ethnic and other divides. If you’re so inclined you can peruse the article here, and of course comments are always welcome!  http://iancpilarczyk.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/So-Foul-A-Deed.pdf


A Long Time Coming…But Back in Print! — 2 Comments

  1. Ian–a most interesting addition to Quebec legal historiography. Kudos to you for getting it published in Law and History Review!

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