Ian’s Legal Fact of the Week 2/12/18: Where Divorce is Illegal

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this legal fact: the only two States where divorce remains illegal are Vatican City, and the Philippines (where legal separation without the ability to remarry is available, but divorce is not available except to the Muslim minority). Both States allow … Continue reading

Ian’s Legal Fact of the Week 2/5/18: Top States for Corporate Lawsuits

While Delaware has long been the favored state for the filing of corporate lawsuits, in 2017 it fell to 11th place. The Top 5 now: South Dakota; Vermont; Idaho; Minnesota; and New Hampshire. The ranking was compiled by the U.S. Chamber of … Continue reading

Ian’s Legal Fact of the Week 1/29/18: Rhode Island and the Constitution

Rhode Island was the only state that refused to send delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, a fact that goaded the usually-reserved George Washington into referring to the RI representatives’ actions as “impolitic, unjust, and….scandalous”. It was also the last state to ratify the … Continue reading

Ian’s Legal Fact of the Week 1/22/18: Pet Custody Disputes in Divorces

96% of pet-custody cases in divorces involves disputes over custody of dogs. Only 1% involve cats (not surprising to dog lovers!). The remaining 3% involve other domesticated animals, including birds, lizards, snakes and even 130-pound tortoises.