Ian’s Legal Fact of the Week 10/28/13: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Under Massachusetts law, gift certificates must remain valid for a minimum of seven years. They are required to have an expiry and issuance date specified on them (or, in the case of electronic gift cards, this must be on the … Continue reading

Ian’s Legal Fact of the Week 10/14/13: Good Samaritan Laws

Good Samaritan laws, often confused with duty to rescue laws, provide immunity against tort claims for those who attempt to rescue someone in peril.  In general, however, these laws provide immunity if the peril was imminent, if the rescuer obtained consent, … Continue reading

Ian’s Legal Fact of the Week 10/7/13: The Duty To Rescue

Most common law countries impose no general duty to rescue another person, and therefore typically impose no liability for failing to do so. There are two exceptions to this: (a) people who create a hazardous situation, regardless of whether they did so negligently, are … Continue reading